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Borne from multiple humiliating experiences with the healthcare system (see Case #1), Queer Hellth was created as a safe space for the LGBTQ2S+ community to share stories of discriminatory and often degrading experiences at the hands of so-called healthcare professionals. 

No one should feel 'less than' or 'other' when seeking medical attention, and unless we tell our stories, these kinds of incidents are going to keep happening time and time again. They can be embarrassing to tell, and many individuals don't know how to share their experiences without feeling judged.

This is where Queer Hellth comes in. 

Whether you are part of the community yourself or an ally, join us in the fight for health equality!

Our Mission

Our Mission

We're here to strive for healthcare equity for all,

no matter your sexuality or gender.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Gemma Chua-Tran

Vision and Values

We aim to empower LGBTQ2S+ individuals to tell their stories without fear of shame or retribution.

We pride ourselves on non-discriminatory and inclusive practice that engages with and builds diverse communities.

"Genuine bonds of solidarity can be forged

between people who respect each other's differences

and are willing to fight their enemy together."

Leslie Feinberg   

Keep Us Going!

As a volunteer organisation, we rely on donations to keep this website up and running.
Every single donation makes a difference, no matter how small!
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