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Case #16

My Identity Is Valid No Matter What My Therapist Thinks

I think the one that upset me the most (and as a trans asexual person I've seen a lot) was said by a therapist.

I told him about the massive childhood traumas, the crappy working conditions I was employed in, and my frustrations with former relationships. I had expected at least a basic level of decency, some active listening and maybe some reflective comments.

Instead he tried to tell me that if I was able to orgasm then I would stop being depressed. He made the entire rest of the session about sexual functions that I had repulsions to.

I cried for hours later because I knew it was BS but a part of you hears a "professional" say this and thinks "wow, maybe this IS a problem" instead of a valid identity that didn't bother me until other people started making it an issue.

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