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Case #20

Another collection of Twitter musings regarding queer healthcare

@RCullum91 Jun 7 2021

Today was a classic reason why pride month is still needed. In clinic with the consultant talking about my house. When I say partner he immediately asks where she works...

@the_dbh Jun 8 2021

As an LGBT+ person, I found coping with homophobia and an exam culture in secondary school a recipe for mental health problems and suicidal thoughts. We need this commission and we need to end Exam Factories. #ANewEra

@Queer_MH Jun 10 2021

Teaching straight people to be more inclusive is great and necessary — but if we truly want queer and trans kids to feel safe in medical settings, what we need is more queer and trans medical professionals.

@Ledgemd Jun 11 2021

Welcome to Pediatrics where we place more emphasis on not misgendering babies than we do colleagues.

@L1ZtheW1Z I’m rotating through the NICU right now. Every time someone apologizes for saying the “wrong” pronouns for a 29 hr old baby while casually misgendering 29 yr old me…I just…Plus to top it off everyone is wearing what looks like the trans flag but is really just a baby blanket

@GLMA_LGBTHealth Jun 5 2021

Earlier this week, Florida’s governor banned trans youth from participating in school sports. Given this harmful law and ongoing concerns about COVID, GLMA will be holding our 39th Annual Conference on LGBTQ Health *virtually*. The conference was originally planned for FL.

It's a privilege to be able to make this choice while thousands of trans Floridians can't. We vow to continue doing all we can to use medical science and our members' healthcare expertise to fight this law and ensure lawmakers prioritize the health of trans youth.

@mancubclay Jun 11 2021

Really hope that some day the folks who aren’t trans men can get their gender affirming surgeries covered by health insurance without having to lie about being a man or having gender dysphoria.

@TrinAndTonic Jun 7 2021

I wonder how many times I am going to have to re-explain to health professionals that I don't struggle with my queer identity. Other people struggle with my identity. Other people make it a problem.

@GayPodiatrist Jun 11 2021

Happy Pride, especially my fellow LGBTQ healthcare heroes! I’ve experienced discrimination throughout my education/training and want to spread as much kindness & acceptance as I can. #HappyPrideMonth2021 #Pride2021 #gaymedtwitter #LGBTQinHealthcare

@synystertill Jun 8 2021

I just saw my doctor and I love her so much. While I’m at it, I love my therapist, too. They’re both queer & such a joy. So for anyone who needs this, I’m putting it out there that I hope you can find healthcare professionals that you vibe with. It makes such a difference.

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