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Case #27

Queer Women Talk About Health Care Horror Stories

A receptionist refused to put down my partner’s name and partner/next of kin. They kept saying ‘I’ll just put friend.'

I said, "no, I want you to put partner,” and she looked at me all lips pursed and said, ‘I’ll just put friend.'

Leaflets in waiting rooms have a deeply heterosexual slant. They are all very heterosexual and there is absolutely no mention of a gay relationship or partners. So I didn’t feel it could be about me.

We were given a print out of a document that would help a straight couple having problems having children, information included for example that ‘you should be having sex regularly’. This clearly does not relate to our situation at all.

One couples counselor from the agency claimed she could not understand me. She said that I was attractive, had everything going for me, and didn’t really understand what my problem was.

In 2008 I had knee surgery and woke up on a male ward — clearly they had looked at my face and overruled my notes.

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