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Case #28

The Pandemic Is Making it Even Harder for Queer Youth to Get Health Care

Geo* a 19-year-old transgender student in New York City had been on testosterone since August 2019 when the pandemic sent them into lockdown. With the world shutdown, they were forced back to their home state where their parents live. Their parents do not approve of their transition and refused to let them make new appointments for HRT or receive scheduled blood work while they were at home. “It’s unconditional acceptance and love, but for my gender and transness it’s not there,” they say. “I don’t have financial support or their approval.”

Geo spent 7 months in quarantine in their home state. By the time they returned to New York, they said their hormone levels were imbalanced and their medical transition delayed. They’ve also had to create a GoFundMe to offset further costs associated with top surgery.

Like Geo, many young queer people across the country say they are struggling to access healthcare, and not just care related to their gender or sexual identity. Even general care and emergency services can be massive hurdles, despite the global pandemic making access to healthcare more critical than ever.

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