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Case #39

I Barely Speak In Public Anymore!

As part of my gender affirmation surgery, I have been exploring voice feminization. My voice is still fairly deep and it is important to me that the voice that comes out of my mouth matches both the voice in my head and the body I'm in.

However where I live this is considered a cosmetic treatment and is not covered by my healthcare provider and is prohibitively expensive for me, even though I am not on a low salary, so I can only imagine how difficult this is for many other trans women.

I discussed this with my doctor who dismissed the idea almost instantly saying that it wasn't necessary and that the hormones will change my voice over time and basically not to worry about it. But I do worry about it and I barely speak in public anymore as I can tell it is shocking to people when I speak as they are expecting something quite different. And for me personally, I feel socially excluded because of this and tend not to even go out anymore as it's better for my mental health, even though I am quite a sociable person.

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