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Case #41

Our latest collection of Twitter musings regarding queer healthcare

@eeka1313 Providers, including at the queer health center, (wrongly) assume gender and pronouns of my Black disabled adolescent. They never ever ask. They always ask me (middle-aged, white, abled, cis-ish, not particularly visibly queer-coded).

Feb 8, 2022

@JasonCMarvin Frustrated after seeing a PCP yesterday for an unknown mass and sharp pain. They kept pushing STI and HIV testing that had no relevance to my symptoms or concerns. Those tests are all negative. My symptoms have worsened. Was recommended to “use condoms consistently.”

Jan 14, 2022

@willie_agnew Every time I go in and they find out I'm gay I get "What if it's AIDS/STD tell me your sex history" like I'll be in there with a cough during cold/flu season smh. And then no doctor has ever given me good queer health advice I would've never found out about prep from *them*

Jan 14, 2022


I've also now been denied a cervical screening from a queer health service because I'm asexual so they "don't see a need for it to be done", been looking for literally a year now for any service willing to screen me.

Dec 15, 2021


The first psychiatrist I saw was convinced that trans people aren't happy when they transition (apparently based on two previous patients and some bogus stats) and was so against me transitioning. said something about 'not changing the body God gave me'.

Oct 8, 2021

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